Meet the Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Mr D Walton (Headteacher), Mrs L Burnip (Deputy Head + Year 4), Mrs G Ross (Early Years) & Mrs C Turner (Year 6)


Class Teachers & Classroom Support

Year 6: Mrs C Turner and Mrs Dinsley

Year 5: Mrs N Geddes, Mrs J Davis and Mrs S Makinson

Year 4: Mrs L Burnip

Year 3: Mr T Wakelam, Mrs C Bonnett & Miss S Atkinson

Year 2: Mrs E Stirling and Mrs K Owens

Year 1: Mrs Y Robson, Miss A Bawden, Mrs C Johnson & Miss S Atkinson

Reception: Mrs A Kelly, Miss D Johnston, Miss A Walker

Nursery: Mrs G Ross, Mrs P Kennedy, Miss H Cowie, Mrs C Pryde

Rainbow Room (2 year olds): Miss A McKee


Support Staff

Office Manager: Mrs A Atkinson

Office Administrator: Mrs R Dillon

Caretaker: Mr K Hall


Lunchtime Supervisors:

Mrs M Walker

Mrs R Alderson

Mrs T Noble

Miss J Thompson

Miss N Cayzer

Miss K Yates



Mrs L Smith

Mrs T Noble

Mrs M Walker

Mrs M Thompson

Miss A Melvin


Call Us: 0191 373 1398   /   /  Langley Park Primary School, Langley Park, Co. Durham DH7 9XN

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