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Our Curriculum

At Langley Park Primary School we are serious about giving every young person and their families the opportunity to achieve and follow their aspirations for life. To do this we have a strong ethos of hard work coupled with fun and engaging learning opportunities. We have strong links with our local community and operate and actively encourage: parents, the community and external visitors into our school frequently.

We firmly believe that providing an engaging, creative and stimulating curriculum has a positive effect on the children’s motivations, aspirations and achievements across all curriculum areas. We strive to enhance our curriculum with a wide range of enrichment activities.


The school promotes resilience and our commitment to the UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools Award ensures we create safe and inspiring places to learn, where children are respected, their talents are nurtured and they are able to thrive. As such, children are encouraged to take risks and try new things, taught to listen and work as part of a team and understand the importance of their learning.


RSHE/PSHE - what is taught when

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At Langley Park Primary School, we use Read Write Inc. to teach reading in our school. This means that we teach every child to read using a systematic and structured approach. Lessons focus on teaching children to decode the sounds they meet in the English language, blend these to form words and then apply these skills to read a variety of interesting books to encourage fluency and comprehension. Children are also taught to apply these sounds in their spellings and write a wide variety of texts based on the stories and non-fiction books they have read. Lessons are taught in small groups, where all the children are at the same reading stage. This ensures that they are able to access texts that meet their individual needs, allowing them to develop as confident and fluent readers. 


Assessment is rigorous and effective, allowing us to provide phonics provision ensuring everyone progresses. Therefore, your child is thoroughly supported on their learning journey and can share their learning with you at home.

Read Write Inc. - Information for parents
We share Information  regularly  with parents, please visit the parent information page Read Write Inc.where you can find all manner of information and some really handy resources.
Click here for a guide of how we teach early reading @LPP
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