SEN Support

Where a pupil is identified as having a special educational need we follow a graduated approach which takes the form of cycles of “Assess, Plan, Do, Review”.

This means that we will:

  • Assess a child’s special educational needs

  • Plan the provision to meet your child’s aspirations and agreed outcomes

  • Do put the provision in place to meet those outcomes

  • Review the support and progress


At Langley Park we use half-termly assessment to track a child’s progress; then analyse this data to identify gaps in children’s learning and to plan appropriate intervention when required. Different children require different levels of support to ensure they make appropriate and sustained progress at their level.


Class teachers work closely with our SENCO  in order to make sure that children’s individual support plans closely match their direct learning need. These plans are monitored and updated on a termly basis.


The next steps may require the involvement of specialist support or advice for example, Educational Psychology, SENDIASS (Parents Advice and Support Service) or another of education health and social care professional. It is important to understand that the involvement of professionals does not always seek to label or diagnose but for school and parents/carers to seek recommendations and strategies to best enable a child/young person to reach their full potential.


A small percentage of children and young people with significant and/or complex needs may require an assessment that could lead to an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).


The purpose of an EHCP is to make special educational provision to meet special educational needs of the child or young person, to secure the best possible outcomes for them across education. It is a legal document that describes a child or young person’s special educational, health and social care needs. We currently have three children within school who have EHC Plans.

For more detailed information regarding Education, Health and Care Plans, please see the Local Offer


The progress of pupils with SEND is very important to us at Langley Park and they are tracked across the school as a distinct group, who’s attainment is matched against other pupil groups within school.  Whilst this academic success is celebrated, at Langley Park we place more importance in our ethos that SEND pupils succeed within our high esteem environment, where they produce work which is meaningful to them independently.