How we adapt the curriculum and learning environment for children & young people with SEN

Our ethos is that all children in our school can work independently to produce work they can be proud of.  We are aware that this may require personalised adaptations, and we strive to ensure work is challenging and rewarding, yet always accessible.

Some of the actions we may take to achieve this are:


  • Insist that all pupils deserve to achieve to the best of their abilities, despite any difficulty or disability they may have.

  • Modify the curriculum to meet individual needs.

  • Ensure that teaching staff are aware of and sensitive to the needs of all pupils and guide them to teach pupils in a way that is more appropriate to their needs.

  • To make suitable provision for children with SEND to fully develop their abilities, interests and aptitudes and gain maximum access to the curriculum.

  • To ensure that all children are offered the opportunity to participate in activities outside the classroom and extra-curricular activities. We ensure that reasonable adjustments are made to enable children with SEND to access a full curriculum and to enrich the experiences of all pupils.


We are always prepared to seek advice, resources, equipment and training in order to provide high quality experiences for our children.

Many settings might offer support and advice in meeting the needs of children with SEND and offer specific risk assessments which are sent to the school prior to school outings or visits. As a school we ensure that suitable and accessible transport is provided and that comprehensive risk assessments cover travel arrangements to ensure that all children are safe during excursions.

More details on how we adapt information, our environment and curriculum can be found in the Accessibility Plan, which you can find in the School Policies section of our website.