How children with SEN engage in all activities

We believe firmly at Langley Park that all children should engage fully in all aspects of school life. To do this, we ensure that all children with SEND are fully included in all activities within school.


In some instances, adaptations may be made to ensure that this participation is either safe, or to maintain our SEND ethos; allowing every child to experience high esteem, independent learning.


We do not offer targeted extra-curricular activities for children with Special Education Needs, but instead actively try to ensure that all our extra-curricular activities, including any residentials or school trips, are adapted for children’s specific needs.


We are delighted and proud of the number of pupils with Special Educational Needs who participate fully in our extra-curricular activities and opportunities within school (e.g. our Rights Respecting Council). As a Rights Respecting school we value and very actively encourage every pupil’s participation and voice in every aspect of school life.


If you feel your child has specific SEND requirements or adaptations made to better accommodate them at Langley Park, please contact the school to arrange an appointment with Mr Wakelam.


You can also access more details via our school SEND policy which you can find on the School Policies section of our website.