Frequently asked questions

When a child first begins school the amount of information presented to parents can seem daunting, especially if their child has SEND. We have published a number of FAQs posed by parents relating to our school and SEND provision.

Can my child attend Langley Park Primary School and then move to Special School Provision?

Children with SEND that have been issued with an Education, Health and Care plan can attend Langley Park Primary School for their Nursery and Primary School education. When considering a move to Secondary aged education, a child can then be assessed for Special School if a parent wished them to attend this type of setting.

How can I find out what schools, social care and health should be providing for my child?

A new SEND code of practice will be published and this will set out how decisions should be made for children and young adults with SEND. This is statutory guidance and all schools, local authorities and health providers must have regard to it when providing for SEND children/young adults.

How accessible is your school?

Our school has flat access to the building directly from the school car park. Parents of children with SEND that require access of this type are permitted to use the school car park. We have a disabled toilet and a selection of specialist furniture within school to meet the needs of a variety of physical conditions. Please contact us if you have any questions about accessibility.

What specialist services are available at your school to meet my child’s needs?

We work with an extensive range of services and professionals to ensure we meet the needs of each individual child. We encourage these professionals to visit school as often as possible to work with our staff and share their expertise. Wherever possible, our staff implement programmes of work linked to these professionals e.g. speech and language programmes, exercises recommended by Physical therapists etc.


What training do staff supporting children with SEND have?

A number of staff have the Level 2 Paediatric First Aid and all staff have Safeguarding Level 1 qualification. In addition, our SEND support staff have a selection of training relating to Makaton, Speech and Language and ASD. Each year the needs of children within our school are carefully considered and training organised to up-skill staff e.g. this year our training will focus on Speech, Language and Communication and Team Teach.


How will my child be included in activities outside of the classroom including school trips?

We ensure that all children are offered the opportunity to participate with activities outside of the classroom by making reasonable adjustments to the organisation of these. For example, we ensure SEND children have an appropriate level of adult support if going out of school, we organise transport that provides appropriate access and staff complete a comprehensive risk assessment of any excursion to ensure all children are safe and included.


How will your school prepare my child for the transition to Secondary school?

Children with SEND are given an extensive level of support before they leave for a new school. Their class teacher and SENCO will discuss with parents how many transition visits can be arranged over and above those offered to children without SEND. These additional visits to the new school will be carried out with the child, a TA and parent in the summer term. This ensures that bridges are built between schools, key information shared between staff and the child is given the opportunity to settle into a new routine with the support of a familiar adult. Additional meeting may also be held involving professionals to discuss transition arrangements. SENCO’s from our school and the new school will meet to discuss individual children’s needs and hand over documents. Children may be offered a place in summer school at their new school.


How are parents involved with your school?

We are fully committed to encouraging parents to be involved with all aspects of school life. We welcome parents into school at the beginning and end of the school day. We offer opportunities for parents to stay and learn alongside their children. We invite parents to attend assemblies, school performances, family fun days, sports events and a number of training sessions throughout the year. They are also encouraged to help within school carrying out a range of activities e.g. supporting reading, helping with fairs. Parents can also join our parents’ forum.


Who can I contact for further information?

Please contact Mr D Walton if you have any further questions you would like to ask.


Will my child be excluded from any activity?

We are committed to ensuring inclusion for all children no matter what their needs are. Our Teaching Assistants work diligently to include SEND children in all activities and experiences we offer in school, working in consultation with parents and experts to make any reasonable adjustments required.


Is it possible for my child to have additional visits before starting school?

Absolutely! If your child has already secured additional support from the Local Authority we will allocate them a Teaching Assistant before they begin school. We can then arrange for your child to attend additional induction sessions before they begin school with the support of this staff member. If your child has not secured this additional support but you feel that they have a need that requires this extra support then contact us and we will discuss the possibilities with you. Please ask us if you think your child would benefit from an extended transition period.


Can my child begin school if they are not toilet trained?

Yes! We will work with parents to assess the needs of their child and set up an appropriate toilet training programme to be shared between home and school if we feel they are ready. We ask that parents supply us with nappies if their child requires these when in school.


Can my child with SEND attend breakfast club and after-school clubs?

We offer this extended provision to all children in school. If your child has a significant level of need that cannot be met through the normal adult ratio during these extended sessions then we can apply for additional funding to enable us to do so.


My child has physical disabilities – am I permitted to use the school car park at the beginning and end of the school day?

We understand that parking near our school can be a real challenge for parents. If you feel that your child would find the walk from the local housing estate into school a challenge then talk to us before they start school and we can negotiate use of the school car park. We have allocated disabled parking spaces within our school car park.


If you would like to discuss your SEND requirements in detail please contact the school to arrange an appointment.