Consultation with Children and Young People with SEND

As with everything related to your child in our school – they have an opinion and voice that is listened to. All of our teaching staff and support staff will work closely with the children in their care to identify the support they need to achieve their potential. They take time to get to know them as individuals so they know what works well and what is less effective and they tailor the teaching they provide and the support that is available to meet their individual needs. 


Children with SEN Support Plans and EHC Plans

All of our review meetings are child centred. Before the meeting, the SENCO will meet with your child to gather their views and to help them to form their own report. This information will then form part of the review process. Your child is invited to the review meeting (or as a parent you can decide if this is appropriate). They are able to join in the discussion about how their learning is going and they are involved in reviewing their outcomes on the plan as it progresses.